Wrongful Death Blog:Family Awarded Settlement From State.

A Circuit Court civil jury awarded $3 million to relatives of a woman killed by a reckless driver as she walked on a stretch of road that was not equipped with sidewalks or guard rails.The jury found the state liable in the wrongful death lawsuit and voted to award $2.5 million to the victim’s 2 year old daughter after her mother was struck and killed by the motorist.The victim was walking on the road when a car veered onto the shoulder and struck her and a friend.

The friend died at the scene. The victim, who was five months pregnant, died at a hospital. So did her unborn child. That section of road, also known as Route 4. is maintained by the state. The attorney who represented the victim’s family in the lawsuit, told jurors that the accident was preventable. On the block that the victims were walking, there is a sidewalk at both ends of the street .but also a gap of about 200 feet where there is no sidewalk or guard rails. The two victims were struck as they walked in that section.The attorney told jurors that state officials should have provided a sidewalk, guard rails, or a combination to improve safety for pedestrians.In addition to the award for the victim’s daughter, the jury also awarded $500,000 to her mother.The assistant attorney general who defended the state in the civil trial, declined to comment on the verdict.

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