Family Sues Cruise Line in Woman’s Death.

A drunken accident proved fatal for a cruise ship passenger that bled to death while waiting for a lift from her room to the ship’s infirmary. The victim boarded the Carnival cruise for a Caribbean voyage, according to the lawsuit on behalf of her relatives.During the cruise the victim fell on a water glass and nearly severed a main artery in her arm. Her relatives on behalf of the victim’s two minor children, sued Carnival Cruise Lines, accusing the corporation of negligence.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of personal injury and have completed same with favorable results.
The lawsuit claims that it took more than an hour to get the woman to the emergency infirmary and if you’ve got a cut artery, you don’t have an hour. A spokesperson for Carnival declined to comment on the pending litigation.The night before the plaintiff died, she had an alcoholic drink at 8 p.m.with dinner,of which she ate sparingly because she didn’t like the food. The victim’s group split up about 9 p.m., and she went with her mother, stepfather and aunt to the ship’s casino.The victim didn’t know how to play poker, so she watched at the table. An unknown passenger on a winning streak bought a round of drinks for her table. A waiter brought a drink to the victim, who wasn’t a heavy drinker, so she took a while to finish it. The passenger continued buying rounds until the victim had four beverages on the table before her. The pit boss objected to the number of drinks and took three from the victim, saying he’d give her another as she finished one. The victim’s mother expressed concerned, but the pit boss and dealer both said that could handle them and that her mother should let her have some fun, the lawsuit claims.After four drinks the victim felt sick and left the table and headed for her room about midnight. The lawsuit accuses Carnival of failing to ensure the victim wasn’t impaired and claims the victim was severely intoxicated and had became disoriented. The victim called her sister asking for help and told her she was drunk and lost. Her sister watched the victim who was wearing heeled shoes, fall in the hallway. Once inside the cabin, the victim took a glass of water from her sister and went to bed. She arose a bit time later and went to the bathroom to drink more water. The victim’s fiance awoke to her falling and calling for help and when he rolled the victim over, blood began spraying everywhere from a large cut in her arm. The fiance ran to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the victim’s arm. He then phoned the ship’s emergency number, asking for immediate help, but the first two crew members to arrive weren’t medically trained and neither could help the victim. The crew members saw the victim’s injury and called for medical assistance and at 2:25 a.m. the ship’s emergency dispatch called a nurse to the cabin.At 2:35 a.m. a nurse arrived, removed the towels and covered the victim’s arm with gauze and wrapped it with an Ace bandage. She also used smelling salts on the victim although she was still conscious, in pain and aware of what was happening.The nurse told the crew to get a wheelchair, but the victim fell out of it. The nurse then asked for a stretcher. Meanwhile,the victim’s mother arrived and witnessed her daughter bleeding to death. After several minutes, the crew arrived with a canoe used for water rescues, but it was too large to fit past a firewall, so the victim had to be carried to it.Four employees carried the victim in the canoe to the elevator and waited for the door to open. They then learned the canoe was too long, preventing the elevator doors from closing. The employees then carried the victim down seven flights of stairs to the infirmary, a process that took 30 minutes after the nurse arrived.About 15 minutes after arriving at the infirmary,the victim experienced cardiac arrest due to extreme blood loss and she was pronounced dead an hour later, according to the lawsuit. A doctor with the County Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy and listed the victim’s death as accidental from a sharp force injury to her left forearm.The lawsuit accuses Carnival of failing to properly train its crew, monitor the victim’s alcohol consumption and failing to have proper procedures in place to respond to emergencies.If you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury or death please call me at 800 320-0080 or visit one of my conveniently located offices in either Baltimore or Rockville.