Rockville Malpractice Blog:Pain Medicine Doctor Sued in Malpractice.

A local pain-medicine doctor is facing a fourth malpractice lawsuit. the doctor is being sued by the victim’s family .The lawsuit filed in district court states the victim died of an overdose of Oxycontin. It says the doctor was grossly negligent in prescribing the dangerous narcotic before diligently assessing the victim’s need for it and without putting in place a proper monitoring plan to track his use of the pills.As an experienced Rockville attorney I have reviewed many cases of Medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results.

The victim’s death was one of seven cited by prosecutors in their report when they filed criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter against the doctor. Prosecutors claim the doctor recklessly prescribed large amounts of narcotics to his patients. The Board of Medicine which licenses doctors has also filed charges against him stating that the doctor failed to take precautions against abuse of the drugs he prescribed. The doctor has denied doing anything wrong, but he agreed to give up his medical practice while the criminal case proceeds. The medical board also agreed to put its case on hold.The doctor strenuously denies the lawsuit’s allegations and claims the suit is unfounded and untrue.The doctor says he did his best to treat his patient for his pain issues and claims that he saw him only twice as a patient and that the victim saw other doctors at the same time as well. But he is not implying that other doctors are at fault for the death.The lawsuit was filed by the victim’s father on behalf of his surviving children aged12 and 11.The lawsuit does not specify why the victim sought treatment from the doctor who ran a pain-relief clinic in Rockville. The company, which is listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, closed the clinic without any explanation.Health officials said that they had suspended the doctor from the clinic earlier in the year and will have no further comment on him or the clinic.Lawsuits against the doctor have been filed this year by families of four other patients who died of overdoses believed caused by the doctor and also by a patient who said the doctor injured her with the faulty insertion of a pain-medication pump. One of the malpractice lawsuits has already been settled for $400,000.If you or a loved one has been the victim of Medical Malpractice contact me today or visit my offices in either Rockville or Baltimore today.