Baltimore Car Accident Attorney Advice.

It’s no secret that our roads and highways are getting busier and more dangerous every year and even with increasing gas prices,more Americans than ever are taking to the roads as their preferred mode of transportation.This glut of traffic is resulting in more accidents than ever before and an undeniable need to be aware of your rights in the unfortunate case of a car accident.

Thankfully fatal automobile accidents are decreasing due to stricter regulations regarding car manufacturing and seat belt requirement laws, but “fender-benders” are on the rise.If you find yourself he victim of a car accident it is imperative to seek help from a qualified attorney. Just because you have been paying car insurance since you’ve been 16 years old don’t believe for one second that the insurance companies are on your side.Their goal is to pay you little as possible so they can keep as much money as they can in their company.Ever notice how the biggest buildings in the city are insurance companies? How do you think they got that way? By keeping more money than they pay out,that’s how. Do yourself a favor and call an experienced attorney like myself who has over 20 years experience going head to head with all the major insurance companies.After the accident. wait for the police and have them write up a police report,exchange information including your license and registration and insurance information with the other driver through the officer if possible.Asses your injuries and call an ambulance to have the ER doctors further examine you.Many times due to shock you may not be aware of your injuries and having a professional look you over is really the best course of action.Call your lawyer and have all your info ready including police report and doctors reports.Do not talk to anyone else including your insurance agent and especially the other person’s insurance agent until you consult you lawyer!Insurance agents have many ways to trip you up during a phone conversation and it is not advisable to talk with them so soon in case you are still in shock and upset over the accident. The bottom line is we live in a busy world make sure you drive safely and in the unfortunate event an accident occurs take care of yourself by hiring a competent attorney.

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