Baltimore Malpractice Attorney: Hospital Negligence

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 2 million hospital acquired infections occur each year resulting in over 100,000 deaths. It is also estimated that another 1.5 million infections occur in long-term care facilities. Many people are filing and winning medical malpractice lawsuits due to acquiring these infections while in the hospital for other reasons.Medical-malpractice defense attorneys argue that even if every hospital protocol is followed to prevent the spread of these infections a hospital cannot prevent all infections. Plaintiff’s attorneys argue that when the proper protocols are followed the spread of the infections decreases significantly.

In order to win a malpractice claim, the plaintiff must be able to trace the infection and show that the patient got the infection due to the hospitals negligence.The CDC has published new guidelines for hospitals to prevent infections. Plaintiff’s attorneys that are perusing a malpractice claim will need an expert to confirm that if these precautions had been followed, the patient would not have contracted the infection. The most basic of precautions are needed to prevent the spread which include hand-washing between patients and having hospital staff do routine sterilization of the facility.Many hospitals have been found remiss in supervising all staff to enure proper hygiene is followed at all times. MERSA otherwise known as flesh eating bacteria has been making the rounds at many hospitals during the past 3 years.Post-op patients are most at risk for this possibly fatal disease that is resistant to common antibiotics.The cause of MERSA has been traced back to dirty surgical tools that can infect patients at their most vulnerable time. it is important to research the hospital that you will be having surgery in to check their history of MERSA outbreak.Your attorney can help you with this as well.Your health depends on it.

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