Ten Important Steps to Take After Car Accident.

Have you been in a car accident? Please follow these tips so you have the smoothest and least stressful experience you can have with your claim, these tips are based on my 24 years of experience with thousands of personal injury clients working with the insurance companies.These are the 10 tips I think will help with most car accident claims.

1. Do not record a statement with either insurance company without talking to an attorney, if at all possible. If you are reading this after already recording a statement, then don’t worry. If there is a problem from your recording an attorney will be able to help you out.
2. DO NOT sign anything without reading very carefully, the insurance adjusters want you to close this car accident claim as fast as possible. Be careful, the insurance company will try to offer you cash up front for your signature to close the claim. If you do this you are not entitled to receive any medical treatment, and you are not allowed to sue them for more money if you end up having a more serious injury.
3.Document, document document.Get a small notebook and write down how you are feeling, what you can’t do because of the accident, any issues the accident caused. Try to update this at minimum weekly. This will help you a lot when you are ready to settle.
4.Be consistent with your medical care, gaps in treatment can harm claims and can make it more likely the adjuster will close your claim early.
5.See a medical doctor at the beginning, the middle and the end of your car accident claim. Your medical doctor will strengthen your claim with the insurance companies.
6.Don’t over treat.Make sure that your treatments are related to your accident, the adjusters are looking for reasons to close all car accident claims by paying out the smallest amount possible.
7.Don’t under treat. Auto accident injuries affect the muscles, the bones and the nerves. Make sure you take care of each problem before closing your car accident insurance claim.
8.Your insurance adjuster is not your friend. I know it seems like he works for you, you pay your insurance every year, and you pay a lot. But your adjuster works for the insurance company, and the insurance company does not want you to spend their money.
9.Your adjuster can close down your claim if they feel you don’t need treatment. Your adjuster will share all your communications with the adjuster for the at fault party. So, be careful, less is more in these conversations.
10.If you receive a notice for an IME (Independent Medical Exam) call your lawyer right away. An IME is an examination conducted by a doctor who is paid by the insurance company who called for the examination. It is rare for these examinations to come out in your favor.
Bottom line is you need an attorney with many years experience to help you navigate the insurance maze and get you the money you deserve,don’t attempt it alone.

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