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As a lawyer with 25 years experience helping people recover both physically and monetarily from the devastating effects of an automobile accident,I’d like to impart a few words of wisdom to you. The most important thing to remember is that the insurance companies are not out for your best interest, but their own bottom line. If you have a hard time believing this take a look at your insurance statement. Why does it happen that your rates undoubtedly increase after you have an accident? I will tell you why- the insurance companies are designed to make a profit off you so if they have to “pay out” to you after an accident they then raise your rates to recoup their loses.Does that seem fair to you? No not to me either,so that’s why I’ve dedicated my practice to helping you actually get what you’ve been paying the insurance companies for all these years!

The first thing to remember after you’ve been in an accident is to remain calm and assess whether or not you have any injuries,if you feel you are hurt remain in the car and wait for the police to arrive. The policeman will then safely assist you in moving your vehicle to a safe location away from traffic.Tell the policeman if you are hurt and he/she will call an ambulance for you. If you are fine tell the officer what occurred to your best recollection and be sure to note every detail.Make sure the officer writes up a police report with your story as well as the other driver or drivers involved in the accident.If you are not injured the next most important step is to call your lawyer and if you are injured go to the hospital and call your attorney from there. I have found the clients that recover the most from their accident claims are the one that receive a police report and get a thorough medical checkup immediately following their accident.
Even if you don’t feel that you are hurt I would recommend going to the ER anyway. Ive heard many nightmare stories from clients that thought they were fine only to wake up the next morning not being able to move their necks due to whiplash.The next logical step in your recovery is to go to physical therapy which most insurance companies will pay for.My clients who have seen the best rehabilitation are those that attended their therapy sessions faithfully,so please take advantage of this.While you are working on your physical recovery ,I will be working on your monetary recovery working with the insurance agencies involved to get the most you are entitled to under the law.Once again the lesson here is-don’t be afraid to ask for that to which you are entitled and the best way to achieve that is to have an experienced attorney such as myself on your side.
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A local woman catastrophically injured in a car accident on the highway has won a $4.6 million settlement from the state and the estate of the other driver.Chief among the damages for the plaintiff is a $3.65 million payment from the highway administration which the plaintiff sued for maintaining a dangerous roadway.The settlement comes at the start of the construction of the road interchange that could have prevented the accident that killed her passenger and left the plaintiff in a wheelchair for years.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of car accidents and have completed same with favorable results
The other driver had survived the crash but has since died of natural causes.On the day of the accident the plaintiff was driving when another car suddenly pulled in front of her as she tried to turn left to enter the highway.The collision broke most of the plaintiff’s bones from her feet to her pelvis. She also sustained a massive brain injury, was bedridden for six months and then in a wheelchair, requiring round-the-clock care.Only after a lengthy hospitalization and multiple surgeries the plaintiff is now able to walk with a cane or walker and is only able to drive short distances.A highway official has called the crash an example of the kind of accident we’re trying to avoid with the busy interchange.The project will go before the state Transportation Commission for final allocation of funds. Construction will begin soon and is expected to be complete in 5 years.The plaintiff sued the state and county alleging they were aware of the dangers of the busy intersection and did not move to remedy a disaster in the making.According to the Highway Patrol, the intersection is one of the most deadly in the county. Vehicles turning left must cross two lanes of downhill traffic to enter a merge lane, then accelerate into the fast lane of the 60 mph highway. Three years ago the highway administration closed a left-turn lane from southbound routes to ease some of the cross-traffic confusion. To avoid long lines waiting to turn left, cars were turning right and quickly darting across two lanes of traffic to get into the left-turn lane and then making an illegal U-turn into the northbound lanes.Within two years there were over 200 accidents at the intersection. The lawyer was prepared to present evidence at trial that the state was aware of the dangerous crossroad as far back as 1974 after 14 accidents and four deaths occurred at the site over a two year period with the transportation agencies then proposing closing the left-turn lane.But almost 40 years later, the left turn has still has not been closed. The project now is expected to cost more than $70 million to be paid with state and federal funding.The trial was to have started last week but the county which was sued because it controls the road had already settled for $195,000.The highway administration settled a few weeks before trial and the defendant’s estate settled for $625,000 also.If you have been a victim of an auto accident please call me at 800 320-0080 or visit my offices in Rockville or Baltimore today.

According to the World health Organization there were over 1.24 million worldwide car accident related deaths for the year of 2010.Young adults aged15-44 account for over half of these fatalities and 3 out of 4 of these deaths are of young men. At the Law Offices of Joseph Ostad we have helped thousands of clients and their families recover from the devastating effects of a car accident and we can help you as well.

Worldwide it is believed that over 1.3 million persons were killed and more than 50 million were seriously injured in car accidents in 2004.This makes car accidents the top cause of death among minors aged 10-18 years old .Over 250 thousand children die each year and more than10 million are injured in car accidents in the United States. Car accidents are the 5th leading preventable cause of death in the United States with 46,700 people killed and more than 2 million injured in 2005. Accident statistics are often significantly under reported and misclassified with deaths at the scene being recorded but later deaths in hospitals being overlooked. This appears to be the same with serious injuries not being reported at all unless an ambulance was called to the scene. Also the veracity of reporting can vary greatly over time and between sources. In the United States,29 states reported a decrease in the number of car accident deaths between 2005 and 2006.This can be attributed to seat belt laws although in 2006 57% of drivers and passengers 16 years or older were not wearing seat belts when they crashed. Fatal car accidents trends tend to follow Smeed’s law which correlates increased fatality rates with traffic congestion.Listed are the most common types of car accidents with their percentage to occur and percentage of fatalities:
1)Rear impacts: 29.2% US crashes, 5.4% of US fatal crashes 2)Side impacts: 28.5% US crashes, 20.5%US fatal crashes 3)Run-off-road collisions: 16.1% US crashes, 31.7% US fatal crashes 4)Collisions with animals: 4.7% US crashes, 0.3% US fatal crashes 5)Rollovers :2.3% US crashes, 10.9% of US fatal crashes 6)Head-on collision:2.0% of all US crashes, but 10.1% of US fatal crashes 7)Collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists:1.8% of US crashes 13.5% of US fatal crashes 8)Back-up collisions: killed 221 in the US in 2007, and injured over14,000.This is the most common types of non-traffic car accident in which children 15 and younger are killed.
Rollovers,head-on collisions and pedestrian and bike crashes are only 6% of all crashes combined but cause over 35% of traffic-related deaths.
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Are you aware that car and truck accidents are the number 1 killer of people in Maryland between the ages of 4- 34? And there are thousands more accidents where people have been seriously injured. At the Law Firm of Joseph Ostad we have helped thousands of people recover from the devastating effects of a car accident and we can help you too if the need arises.

The best thing to do of course is to try and avoid an accident completely; this would include not driving under the influence ,not driving while sleepy and not using your cell phone while behind the wheel.While driving it is imperative to always wear your seat belt and have all children in appropriate car seats in case an accident is unavoidable.It is also advisable to keep your eyes on the road and not on your passengers or children as many incidents of “distracted driving” accidents are on the rise.Keeping your car properly serviced will also cut down on accident probability because when your vehicle is in top shape it can react better to dangerous situations and terrible road conditions.In the event when an accident can not be avoided and you find yourself the victim of one it is best to remain calm and if possible move your vehicle out of traffic and call 911.In the event of an injury you should wait for the ambulance to take you to the hospital.The most important thing to receive that day is a police report containing the officers notes and the other drivers information including license and insurance numbers. Call our office at 410 727-6116 and make sure to not talk to the other drivers insurance company as they will surely be calling you right away.Give them our number and tell them to call us with any questions they may have.Remember they are not on your side and are looking to compensate you as little as possible.We will help you recover both physically and monetarily from your unfortunate accident and have you back on the road as soon as possible.
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The family of a man killed by a driver subsequently convicted of vehicular homicide due to driving under the influence has sued the bar where the man was drinking before getting into his car.The lawsuit states that the bar failed to use reasonable care when it served a visibly drunk patron. Just 10 minutes after the man left the bar about 10 pm he drove onto a sidewalk and killed a 25 year old man walking there. The bar not only served him alcohol while at the bar, they also willingly gave him a to-go cup when he left, the victim’s family stated.They gave him more alcohol to take with him and just 10 minutes later the plaintiff’s husband was killed.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many car accident cases and have completed same with favorable results.
The victim was with a few friends on their way to a National Park when they stopped to eat. The group were walking to dinner along the quaint avenue when the drunk driver swerved his car up onto the sidewalk killing the young man.The lawsuit seeks damages that include wrongful death and burial costs as well as future economic loss.The suit also asks for compensation for the loss of companionship the deceased provided his wife and child which would have continued had his untimely death not occurred.The driver was convicted of vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. The defendant tried to argue at trial that the alcohol he had ingested did not impair his driving ability. But the driver’s blood-alcohol level registered 0.11 even 20 minutes after the crash which was markedly above the 0.08 level at which a person is considered legally drunk. The drunk driver also said that prior to getting to the bar he also took prescription painkillers,a sleeping pill and an antidepressant.The bar owner believes he is not responsible for the victim’s death. He claims surveillance camera footage showed the man wasn’t visibly drunk when he left the bar and believes the bartenders did no wrong at the saloon.He also contends the drink given to the man to go was intended for his wife and was supposed to be consumed at the bar. The drunk driver was sentenced to 26 years in prison.If you or a loved one has been in a car accident call me at 800 320-0080 or visit me at my offices in either Rockville or Baltimore today.

The widow of a man who was killed when a police officer who was speeding in his patrol car slammed into his vehicle was awarded $2 million.The verdict culminated over three days of testimony regarding the accident that resulted in the victim’s death.The victim was stopped waiting to turn left into a supermarket when the police officer’s patrol car slammed into his vehicle,killing him. The officer was responding to a suspicious person call and was speeding between 78 and 80 mph with no emergency flashing lights or sirens.As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of personal injury and have completed same with favorable results.

The death was a tragedy for all involved.The victim, an electrician,who was just meeting up with a friend to hang out that night, was only a few seconds away from being off the road when the crash occurred.That is all the time he needed, and this tragedy never would have happened.The police officer was reprimanded and suspended after the wreck. Three years after the wreck,the same officer was arrested on a drunken driving charge while off duty and the Police Department allowed him to resign in lieu of termination.The officer’s conduct in this case was not good, and the jury said so with its verdict. The jury never got to hear that the police officer’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit because the State Court Judge ruled that the evidence could not be admitted during the civil trial.The lawyer will appeal that ruling and also will appeal the judge’s pretrial ruling regarding the cap on verdicts. The county won’t have to pay the widow until the appeal is settled The widow said that she struggles with feelings of loss every day.I don’t believe there is such thing as closure,she said. You have to try hard to put it behind you and move on.
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A federal jury awarded a family more than $7.3 million in a lawsuit against Toyota motor corporation. The family sued Toyota alleging that design flaws were responsible for their son’s paralysis from a vehicle rollover.The victim aged 16 was driving on the highway when his 1995 Toyota 4Runner sports utility vehicle flipped over several times. He subsequently sustained severe spinal injuries that left him paralyzed from his sternum to his legs according to the lawsuit.This was an un-provoked rollover on flat, dry pavement. As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of automobile accidents and and have completed same with favorable results.The jury deliberated and after three weeks of trial they returned their verdict and found the Toyota 4Runner was in defective condition and unreasonably dangerous to the plaintiff and that the defects and unreasonable danger was a proximate cause of the victim’s injuries. The jury determined a compensation amount of more than $12.2 million.But found contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff and reduced the total amount to $7.3 million.
The case centered on the Toyota’s propensity to overturn in certain situations because of its high center of gravity and the likelihood of the roof crushing down into the passenger compartment during an accident.The attorney for the plaintiffs, said Toyota’s testing of the 4Runner’s danger to drivers came only as a result of lawsuits and noted that when the company started more serious rollover tests in 1997, Toyota protected its test drivers with an additional roll bar.Toyota’s case centered around five points – that driver error caused the accident, the vehicle was well-designed and well-tested, that it was safe in its resistance to rollover, that it was safe in its regard to roof strength, and that Graves’ injuries occurred before the rollover deformed the roof.It was terrible thing, but the roof deformation has nothing to do with it Toyota’s attorney said,the roof was made of steel.Toyota also argued that lines in the road indicated one of the tires was under-inflated, which lead to the rollover.The jury agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered Toyota to pay for the teenager’s lifetime care.
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A major tobacco maker of menthol cigarettes, was ordered by a jury to pay a widow $25 million in punitive damages and $16 million in compensatory damages.The state jury awarded the full amount that the widow’s attorney had requested as punishment for her husband’s death. The victim and his widow met in high school and were married for 38 years until he died of lung cancer at age 59.As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of wrongful death and have completed same with favorable results. One of the most difficult things in life is to lose your husband who was the love of my life, and then to have to go on and fight one of the largest corporations in America, and fight for justice,” the widow said said after the jury announced the punitive damages verdict.

After a month long trial, the jury decided last week that the victim’s widow was entitled to $20 million in compensatory damages for the loss of her husband. The jury reduced the tobacco corporation’s responsibility for his death by 20 percent, for a final award of $16 million.The tobacco company is disappointed with the jury’s decision, and the company plans to appeal said a company spokesman. An attorney for the tobacco corporation had argued that his client shouldn’t be forced to pay punitive damages because cigarettes are not illegal. The corporation complies with all of the laws and all of the regulations that govern the manufacture, marketing and sale of cigarettes, he told the jury.

The widow hopes this verdict will send a message to all tobacco manufactures that cigarettes are dangerous and can kill.
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A defendant has been ordered to pay $4.9 million to a former gas station attendant he struck with his Mercedes-Benz, The judgment in the civil lawsuit against the defendant includes $4.6 million for pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of earnings.He also must pay $225,000 in punitive damages and nearly $71,000 in interest. As an experienced accident attorney I have successfully reviewed, settled and brought to successful judgment many cases involving vehicular accidents involving drunk drivers and their insurance companies.

This case grew out of an incident in which witnesses said the defendant was involved in at least one collision, drove the wrong way for miles down the highway and finally pulled into a gas station, where the defendant struck an employee. The attorney for the victim, said the defendant denied he had driven the car and claimed amnesia, remembering only that he was on a bench at the station after the incident. He also denied driving the car at any time despite witnesses who placed him in the vehicle. The defendant, who was 18 at the time, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Defendant’s blood-alcohol level registered .14% and he later pleaded no contest to the charge, authorities said.

Earlier that morning, authorities claim the defendant’s companion had been driving the Mercedes-Benz and hit another vehicle. This wild night of reckless partying resulted in the victim’s permanent disability, required him to undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures and destroyed his family and his ability to provide for his family, The lawyer also said he was particularly troubled by the “unfair tactic” in which the defendant and his attorneys “refused to admit guilt for something he had already admitted to by pleading no contest in the earlier criminal DUI case.”
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A man collided with a police officer’s patrol car on an icy morning has settled his lawsuit against the city for $650,000.The victim, 51, was driving in the neighborhood when a police officer lost control of his car and struck the victim’s pickup truck head-on. As a Maryland automobile accident lawyer we regularly represent victim’s who have been seriously injured in such cases.

The officer was driving at the posted speed limit in the northbound lanes of the South bridge when his vehicle slipped on a patch of ice, according to the police report on the accident. The officer was not heading to an emergency call, authorities said.

The victim suffered injuries to his chest, neck, back and abdomen in the collision, according to the lawsuit. He has since returned to work at a bottle-making factory but still has headaches and other ailments, said his lawyer. In his lawsuit against the city, the victim sought more than $1 million in damages. The suit was settled late last month.

Senior Assistant City Attorney said in a court filing that the “City concedes it is liable for any damages or injuries” that the victim sustained in the crash. Chief of the Civil Division at the City Attorney’s Office, said the settlement “avoids the risk of trial and fairly compensates the injured party.” The police spokesman said he couldn’t comment on whether the officer went through retraining as a result of the accident. He said the officer still works at the department.

The attorney said the victim worked “really hard” to recover from his injuries. “The money will go to pay for his past and future medical expenses, as well as his pain and suffering,” the lawyer said. “I’m hoping that the city addresses, through training and policies, any actions that are important for the public safety,” the attorney said. “My understanding is that in taking responsibility the city was looking into the actions of their officer in making sure this type of incident didn’t happen again.”

If you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident call my office for an appointment at either my offices in Rockville or Baltimore to set up an appointment by calling 1-800 320-0080 for a free consultation today.
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