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A lawsuit has been filed against the state on behalf of four bicyclists who were severely injured while riding on the Highway in August. The cyclists suffered everything from severe cases of road rash to concussions, broken bones, punctured lungs, even paralysis. The state agency hired an outside contractor to re-pave a portion of a major Highway. The re-paving process was in its initial stages. On the first Friday after the project began, the contractor left the job site unprotected, without warning of the danger it posed.

. Bicyclists riding northbound on the bike lanes encountered an incline without any reasonable notice of what they faced at the bottom of the incline, namely that the road was “…cut away and strewn with loose gravel, rocks, sudden irregularities in elevation, narrowing of the shoulder, ground-up roadway surfaces, cracks and crevices,” according to the lawsuit. These conditions “would and did cause said roadway to be unreasonably dangerous and defective for bicyclists who regularly and typically used this path…”. The hazardous conditions remained from Friday through Sunday despite messages left on the states hotline and e-mails sent informing them of the conditions. The governmental agency did not begin to remedy the situation until Monday, explaining that they were closed on Friday due to the state-mandated furlough. “The state did not do their job,” says Personal Injury Attorney and avid cyclist who specializes in handling bicycle cases. “Pursuant to policy and directive, they are responsible for issuing warnings about highway construction projects, and they dropped the ball … big time. Call it oversight, carelessness, stupidity or indifference … it still comes down to many innocent people being seriously injured.”

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