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A jury awarded $25 million to a woman who lost her left leg after a City Transit bus ran over her while it was sharply turning a corner just two blocks from her apartment.The woman who had to have her leg amputated and has since worn a prosthetic leg, cried loudly when the verdict was read. She then thanked the jury who had sat through the nearly 10 week trial in Supreme Court.She feels vindicated her husband said because the transit authority called her a liar.
The injury that she sustained is a lifelong injury and whenever she looks down she’ll forever be reminded. The lawyer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority made a motion to the judge immediately following the verdict arguing that the award was excessive. But the Judge let the verdict stand.The transit agency plans to appeal the verdict claiming that this is just a jury verdict and the appellate courts won’t sustain a verdict of this magnitude. The jury found the plaintiff negligent for not looking when she crossed the street but the jury also found that the City Transit and the bus driver had been negligent, and that their combined negligence was 100 percent responsible for the victim’s injury. A spokesman for the transit agency shared that the case was being appealed.Recently juries have awarded 3 other plaintiffs in personal injury cases against City Transit for a total of more than $15 million with the transit agency appealing all of them.In the case involving the plaintiff the main issue was whether she had been inside or outside the crosswalk when she was hit. The transit agency believes that she had walked into the path of the bus, and the wheel at over 40,000 pounds,crushed the plaintiff’s lower left leg, from above the ankle to below the knee,with no damage to the foot. The plaintiff’s leg was subsequently amputated at the hospital and 2 weeks later, doctors had to perform another operation to amputate her leg to the groin due to infection. She has been unable to work since then because of her severe injuries.In another case against the city transit a man was awarded $3 million after a subway train ran over him and he had to have his right leg amputated. Even though he was intoxicated a jury found that he was only 25 percent culpable because the subway operator did not stop.In another case a jury awarded a man $7 million when a subway train struck him after he stumbled onto the tracks. The jury found him to be only 20 percent at fault and his right leg had to be amputated and he also lost an eye.And finally a man was awarded $1.4 million after he was hit by a City Transit bus.
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The School Board has settled a lawsuit stemming from a January 2009 school bus crash on a Parkway. According to Circuit Court records, the board reached a settlement with the mother of a then-16-year-old High School student who was on the bus at the time of the accident. The terms would not be discussed due to confidentiality matters.

Filed in December 2009,the complaint accused the bus driver of failure to maintain a proper lookout, failure to keep his vehicle under proper control and failure to keep a safe distance. She sought $100,000 from the bus driver and the School Board. The driver – who no longer works for the school division, according to court records – was later dropped as a defendant.

The attorney said at the time that medical bills related to the student’s back and neck injuries totaled about $10,000. The case had been scheduled for a jury trial this week. A document filed in court earlier this month said that the School Board “intends to admit liability at trial.” The “only remaining issue in this matter will be the amount of damages involved,” which “would stem solely from injuries, if any, actually suffered by the minor.”

A company that also operates buses in the Washington region have been ordered to pay $6.4 million to a quadriplegic man who was injured while getting on a bus.

The victim was being hoisted onto a par transit bus in April 2008 when his wheelchair rolled backward off the platform and dropped him 6 feet into his head. The accident caused severe brain injury.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit over the faulty lift named the city and Transportation company, which operates the par transit system under contract. The newspaper reports that a jury determined last week that the transportation company will pay 83 percent of damages and the city 17 percent.A spokeswoman says the city acknowledges some responsibility. The company’s attorney declined comment.