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A Medical Malpractice lawsuit was filed by a patient in district court naming the hospital and anesthesiologist on staff for infecting her with the Hepatitis-C virus while using a dirty needle on her during her hospital stay.The patient underwent medically necessary surgery and an operating room technician who was a well known intravenous drug user with Hepatitis-C, left a dirty needle filled with saline in place of the narcotic intended for her which he had inserted into his own vein.The lawsuit alleges the hospital failed to follow required internal polices and controlled substance laws requiring that potent drugs be either locked up or closely monitored.It also alleges the Hospital was well aware of the technicians previous drug use and should never have employed him in that capacity.The plaintiff’s husband stated we have filed this suit because due to her previous illness my wife is unable to undergo medical treatment for her now chronic Hepatitis- C and has already developed severe liver damage. A class action suit against the hospital has also subsequently been filed and at least 17 other patients have been tested and it was found that they have the same genetic strand of Hepatitis-C as the operating room technician. The technician was found guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
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A County Court jury awarded nearly $4 million to a couple who had filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Clinic and one of its doctors. Jurors deliberated for a day and a half before awarding the plaintiff’s $4 million. According to the couple’s lawyers, the jurors found the Clinic and Dr. were negligent in medical care rendered to the victim, which caused a permanent injury, including paralysis, because of violations of safety rules in performing a lumbar puncture procedure in May, 2008.The Hospital was initially a defendant in the lawsuit but had settled prior to trial. The jury was very attentive and reached an unanimous verdict.The message is that doctors are not allowed to violate safety rules and when they do, the community will hold them accountable.

Safety rules are the backbone of practicing good medicine and their violation can create a case of negligence against the doctors and hospitals.You or your family as patients have the right to expect top notch medical care and to leave the hospital in a better position then when you entered. Many patients are under the impression that the doctors are doing all they can and that when the outcome isn’t favorable it isn’t their fault, nothing could be further from the truth and you are well within your rights to receive compensation from the doctors and hospital in this instance.
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Our law firm has received numerous inquires from former patients of Dr.Nikita Levy; ranging in age from teenagers at the time of their examination to adulthood, who may have been possible victims of his illegal recording practices.Johns Hopkins has issued a few statements regarding their ex employee Dr. Nikita levy trying to explain why they didn’t inform his patients immediately regarding the reason for his dismissal.Hopkins officials learned from a colleague of Dr. Levy’s on February 4th of his alleged videotaping of his patients but they waited until after Dr. Levy’s death on February 18th to inform his patients of his egregious behavior.

Dr. Nikita Levy, after questioning from Hopkins security on February 5th admitted that he was filming his patients during their exams with a pen equipped with a camera worn around his neck. The doctor who had worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 20 years surrendered his recording devices to security and was barred from further contact with patients. He was encouraged to seek psychological services and escorted off the Hospital property. According to reports Hopkins then contacted the Baltimore city police on February 6 and turned over all Dr. Nikita Levy’s evidence to them on February 7th. Dr. Levy was officially terminated by the Hospital on February 8th.At that time it was suggested to Johns Hopkins Hospital not to disclose any information regarding Dr. Levy as this could potentially compromise an on going investigation. The hospital sent out a letter on February 11th to Dr. Levy’s patients to inform them he was no longer employed with them and to help them find another doctor on their staff for their medical needs.In the interim the police had issued search warrants and obtained additional evidence in the case.It was only after Dr. Nikita Levy ended his own life on February 18th that Hopkins could issue a public statement detailing his misdeeds.What is still unclear is what if anything was known by Hopkins and why they let it go on for so long. Many former patients reported that Dr. Nikita did not have a nurse in the room with him during exams which is a typical standard of practice by OB/GYNs.It is not known at this time whether or not Hopkins condoned this practice. What is clear though is that Dr. Levy had been recording his patients for quite some time which is evidenced by the “mountain” of material seized by police. Patients are entitled under the law to expect privacy from their doctors and Hospitals which was certainly not the case with Johns Hopkins and Dr. Nikita Levy.
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I have met with many victims of former Johns Hopkins doctor Nikita Levy amidst allegations that he secretly filmed patients during exams. If you were a patient of Dr. Nikita Levy it is imperative to contact me as soon as possible to learn of your legal rights. Dr Levy was by all accounts a well respected Doctor at Hopkins and few saw the warning signs.

Dr.Nikita Levy had practiced medicine in the field of OB/GYN for over 20 years at Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Community Clinic.It is believed that he saw over 1,000 patients during his time there.He allegedly committed suicide last week at his Towson home as the scurrilous allegations that he secretly filmed his patients during examinations become national news.Dr.Levy may have allegedly used a pen equipped with a tiny camera that he kept in his pocket while examining his patients. It is not known at this time what he did with those recordings, whether he kept them for himself or distributed them in some manner. All that is known is that officials are combing through a veritable mountain of evidence found in Dr. Levy’s home and office. Hopkins board of directors is funding its own investigation amidst speculation from Dr. Levy’s former patients that they did not do enough to warn patients of the doctors actions.The doctor was let go by Hopkins on February 8 for undisclosed reasons and his patients only found out in retrospect what their former doctor had allegedly done. More investigation needs to be done in this case to determine the hospital’s culpability and whether or not Hopkins failed to protect their patients right to privacy.Patients have expressed shock and outrage that in a prestigious institution such as Johns Hopkins a doctor could have been possibly filming his patients without their knowledge for what may have been years.Patients have been instructed to call a hotline in which they get a recording and are told to leave their name and number and someone will get back to them.Many think that this is not sufficient and have expressed a desire to know more information and their legal rights and in this instance should contact me.Authorities need to comb through a tremendous amount of material and patients need legal representation to make sure their case has been looked after with the respect it deserves.
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The first lawsuits have been filed against Johns Hopkins Hospital and Dr. Nikita Levy arising out of the alleged negligence and invasion of privacy of Dr. Levy’s patients. The lawsuits seek millions of dollars in compensation for damages. The investigations are currently ongoing and it my be weeks or months before the final official investigation into what happened can be determined. It is alleged that Dr. Levy may have used video or photographic devices to secretly record his patients during exams. My office has been contacted by many individuals who were patients of Dr. Levy who have expressed emotional trauma as a result of Dr. Levy’s actions and we are actively investigating these cases. The patients have expressed betrayal, shock and dismay at the conduct of Dr. Levy and the lack of supervision by Johns Hopkins Hospital and its staff and officers. It has been reported that there maybe hundreds if not thousands of patients of Dr. Levy who may have been subjected to his secret recordings and may be entitled to recovery.

Officials and Johns Hopkins have been reluctant to share any information regarding their investigation which was made public after Dr.Levy’s death on Monday. There are many unanswered questions which investigation will reveal in the near future. Police and officials are examining the computers, hard drives and servers belonging to Dr. Levy to determine what happened to the images and whether they were downloaded to the internet. We are pursuing avenues to determine the investigations are done promptly and diligently to determine that the facts of the cases are carefully considered. Eventually the lawsuits filed on behalf of the victims for invasion of privacy and negligence will shed light into the conduct of Dr. Nikita Levy’s practices and operation.It is our goal to immediately obtain answers to the lingering question of whether our client’s images have been redistributed, disseminated or shared with others in violation of our client’s rights and what has been done with such images and where the investigations are leading up to. Our main concern is that this investigation may drag on for weeks if not months which may increase the anxiety by which our client’s are currently suffering by adding to the feelings of frustration and betrayal caused by Dr. Nikita Levy’s actions and Johns Hopkins Hospital’s inaction.
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We and other lawyers are currently working with ex patients of Dr. Nikita Levy of Johns Hopkins Hospital amidst the allegations that he secretly filmed patients during their gynecological exams.New evidence uncovered by officials suggests Dr. Levy may have used a pen kept in his pocket installed with a tiny camera to record his patients while in the Hopkins exam room.As of this time it is not clear what he did with the recordings.If you or a loved one were a patient of Dr. Levy it is imperative to seek legal advice.

Dr. Nikita Levy had been a physician in good standing at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 20 years and was acknowledged to have thousands of patients at his OB/GYN practice. Dr.Levy took his own life this week at his Towson home as the allegations started to be released to the public.Many patients expressed shock that the mild mannered Nikita could be embroiled in such a scandal.Dr Levy worked for Hopkins since receiving his medical license in 1988 and he worked primarily at the East Baltimore Medical Center a community clinic run by Johns Hopkins Hospital and their holdings.Baltimore police are conducting this case as an open investigation while the Johns Hopkins board of trustees are funding their own separate investigation.Johns Hopkins Hospitals has need to be concerned since there have been many instances when the hospital has been held liable for the criminal or negligent actions of doctors on their staff. Dr. Levy was let go by Hopkins on February 8 but his patients were not told the reason why. This only came to light after the allegations about Dr. Nikita Levy went public a week later. It is not understood why Hopkins chose not to disclose the information regarding Dr. Levy’s illegal filming of his patients and this oversight has understandably disturbed Levy’s former patients.Hospitals have been responsible in the past for failing to protect patients privacy. Just recently a Connecticut Hospital was ordered to pay more than $50 million to victims of a doctor who used a made up study to take pornographic pictures of children.In that case the hospital failed to protect its patients from one of its doctors on staff.A former patient of Dr. Levy’s who was too embarrassed to give her name said when she called Hopkins to express concern she was told it was an on going investigation and was given no other information.John Hopkins issued a statement found here and called the situation intolerable and informed patients that they would be conducting their own independent investigation into the matter.Officials have begun the arduous task of combing through a tremendous amount of evidence to build a case against Dr. Levy. Victims are encouraged to contact lawyers or authorities as soon as possible.
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The VA Medical Center agreed to settle for $600,000 a lawsuit brought by the widow of a 60 year old veteran after a surgeon carelessly perforated his bowel during a routine surgery to repair his hernia.The victim was a truck driver and veteran.His widow was forced to sue the doctor and hospital after her husband’s surgery went terribly wrong.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results.

The victim required surgery to repair a hernia so he could return to his job as a truck driver. Unknown to the victim and his wife, it was the first time the VA hospital surgeon had ever performed the procedure without another more experienced doctor by his side as he had only been a licensed surgeon for a couple of months. The inexperienced doctor ripped a hole in the victim’s intestines during the surgery, which caused the contents of his bowel to spill out into his abdomen. Unfortunately this was only the first medical mistake, a second mistake was made when everyone at the VA hospital failed to notice the hole in his bowel for several days.Consequently,the victim became very sick, developed a serious infection, and died several months later.It was only going to have been a one day hernia surgery,then he was supposed to go home. And then when they kept keeping him day after day it started running through my mind why isn’t he going home?. said his widow The people who serve our country in the armed forces deserve to receive top quality health care at VA medical facilities.Sadly, these types of mistakes happen much too often. If only this doctor had followed the required safety rules that are put in place to protect patients this whole tragedy would have been avoided. Hopefully, winning this case will protect other veterans.This was a Federal Tort Claim Act case brought in the U.S. District Federal Court.The plaintiff said she will donate a portion of her settlement to sick veterans.If your loved one is a victim of medical malpractice call me today at 800 320-0080 or visit me in either Rockville or Baltimore today.

A local pain-medicine doctor is facing a fourth malpractice lawsuit. the doctor is being sued by the victim’s family .The lawsuit filed in district court states the victim died of an overdose of Oxycontin. It says the doctor was grossly negligent in prescribing the dangerous narcotic before diligently assessing the victim’s need for it and without putting in place a proper monitoring plan to track his use of the pills.As an experienced Rockville attorney I have reviewed many cases of Medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results.

The victim’s death was one of seven cited by prosecutors in their report when they filed criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter against the doctor. Prosecutors claim the doctor recklessly prescribed large amounts of narcotics to his patients. The Board of Medicine which licenses doctors has also filed charges against him stating that the doctor failed to take precautions against abuse of the drugs he prescribed. The doctor has denied doing anything wrong, but he agreed to give up his medical practice while the criminal case proceeds. The medical board also agreed to put its case on hold.The doctor strenuously denies the lawsuit’s allegations and claims the suit is unfounded and untrue.The doctor says he did his best to treat his patient for his pain issues and claims that he saw him only twice as a patient and that the victim saw other doctors at the same time as well. But he is not implying that other doctors are at fault for the death.The lawsuit was filed by the victim’s father on behalf of his surviving children aged12 and 11.The lawsuit does not specify why the victim sought treatment from the doctor who ran a pain-relief clinic in Rockville. The company, which is listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, closed the clinic without any explanation.Health officials said that they had suspended the doctor from the clinic earlier in the year and will have no further comment on him or the clinic.Lawsuits against the doctor have been filed this year by families of four other patients who died of overdoses believed caused by the doctor and also by a patient who said the doctor injured her with the faulty insertion of a pain-medication pump. One of the malpractice lawsuits has already been settled for $400,000.If you or a loved one has been the victim of Medical Malpractice contact me today or visit my offices in either Rockville or Baltimore today.

The parents of a foreign engineering student who died after visiting the University Hospital for a knee injury are seeking $20 million from the university in a medical malpractice suit.The parents filed the lawsuit in civil court last week on behalf of their son who died several days after he visited the University Hospital due to an injured right knee while playing baseball at the college.The suit alleges that the victim who was just 21, died of a pulmonary embolism due to a blood clot that went untreated by the hospital after his knee injury. As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of medical malpractice and completed same with favorable results.

“Prior to his visit to the University Hospital our son did not have any medical issues with his right knee,” his parents claim.The victim went to the University Hospital after he injured his right knee while playing sports.According to the lawsuit, his vital signs were abnormal,his knee was painful and severely swollen, and the victim was unable to put any weight at all on his right knee. He was sent home and told to rest by the doctor on call.The next day the victim went back to the hospital for a follow-up visit, and his vital signs were still abnormal but,he was released.That evening,the victim was taken by ambulance to the Hospital emergency room, where he died later that evening.The suit alleges that three employees,including a physician and two nurses were negligent and that they failed to recognize obvious problems like the abnormal vital signs.According to court documents,the victim’s medical expenses were over $86,000 and his funeral expenses were over $12,000.The suit also stated that the victim’s expected income as an engineer was to be at least $3 million during his lifetime.Each parent is seeking $8 million in damages from the university.If you or a family member has been the victim of medical malpractice call me at 800 320-0080 or visit me at my offices in either Baltimore or Rockville today.

The family whose loved one was the victim of a botched kidney transplant surgery will sue the university hospital due to a negligence claim, but any lawsuit would have to be decided in the state claims court and not by a jury.The University Medical Center officials finally acknowledged that human error led to destroying a kidney removed from a living donor. The organ was going to be transplanted into the donor’s sister when it became medically unusable.This catastrophe ultimately resulted in the suspension of the kidney transplant program at the medical center.The facts of the failed surgery confirm negligence on the part of the staff involved.As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results.

The victim’s family could be awarded financial damages but the case would have restrictions because the hospital is a state institution.The case would be filed in the Court of Claims and be heard only by a judge not a jury. Also the medical staff involved in the negligence can not be named as parties to the lawsuit due to the fact that state employees are given civil immunity. During the first phase, the merits of the case would be presented to the judge who would decide if the state should be held liable. If yes then a second phase would be argued to determine what monetary damages will be awarded. Each phase can possibly take months or years and the plaintiff likely will be thwarted by caps on the amount of money they are entitled to.According to state law, non economic loss can not exceed $350,000,but if there is a catastrophic injury the cap rises to $600,000.A catastrophic injury is defined under the law as permanent and substantial deformity or loss of use of limb or loss of bodily organ system, or permanent physical functional injury.An Ivy League Medical School study concluded that incidents of malpractice occur more often than previously thought. When analyzing medical malpractice cases the study concluded that claims were paid for one in every 17 malpractices cases and that frequently patients were not even aware that they were the victims of bad or incompetent medical services.And a huge hurdle for someone suing the University Hospital is being directed to a court that does not allow a jury trial.And due to the caps the victims are not fully compensated and often cases don’t even see the light because the expense of trying it is larger than the possible financial reward. Also lost because of damage caps is the incentive for hospitals to monitor practices and create policies to create safer procedures.If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice please call me today at 800-320-0080 or visit one of my conveniently located offices in Rockville or Baltimore.