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A major energy co. has been hit with a $7.8 million jury verdict in a County Court of Common Pleas civil case involving two subcontractors who were injured when a metal stairway collapsed.

One of the injured men, 58, and his wife, were awarded $5 million, according to a press release sent out by the plaintiffs’ attorneys today. The other man,51, and his wife, were awarded $2.8 million. Attorneys for the company could not immediately be reached for comment, and the company has the right to appeal.

The case stemmed from a 2007 accident at a company-owned building.Attorney representing the plaintiffs, said in an interview that the stairway was bolted to a wall with four bolts, and they did not hold when the two men stepped onto it.The plaintiff suffered a permanently frozen right shoulder that was not improved by rotators cuff surgery. The other plaintiff suffered a severely fractured left hip and leg.

A jury has found an aluminum bat maker liable for failure to provide adequate warnings as to the dangers of the bat used by a player during a game which resulted in another player’s death. The company was ordered to pay $792,000 to deceased estate for the loss of earnings he would have made, and pain suffered before his death.

The 18-year-old boy was playing in a baseball game when another player hit a ball with an aluminum bat. The ball then hit the victim in his temple. He died four hours later. His parents argued that aluminum bats are more dangerous than wooden bats because they allow players to swing the bat harder and faster. The Plaintiff’s attorney said that the average time needed by a pitcher to defend a batted ball is 400 milliseconds and the victim only had 378 milliseconds to respond. Witnesses to the incident testified that they were unable to see the ball between the time that it was struck by the batter until it hit victim.

Sports injuries and sometimes fatalities are the most horrible tragedies that any parent or family may have to go through as a result of a company/manufacturers’ negligence. The injuries and their causality are very difficult to overcome and with the aid of the right expert knowledgable in these fields a positive outcome may be possible.

A City Council has agreed to pay $2.2 million to the family of a 14-year-old girl who was choked by playground equipment three years ago and suffered an irreversible brain injury and remains in a vegetative state. The victim was found unconscious hanging by the neck from a rope tied to a playground ride.

When a Police Department officer arrived, he concluded that the victim had no pulse and did not cut her down. He instructed first responders to not disturb her because it was a crime scene and he started to take pictures. It wasn’t until six to eight minutes later that it was discovered that victim was still alive and she was treated. Her parents argued that the lack of oxygen during that time increased the severity of her brain injury. The City Council decided to settle due to the cost and uncertainty of litigation but did not admit any wrongdoing. Most of the award will go to a special needs trust set up for the victim’s care, which is currently at a skilled nursing care facility.

The victim parents also received $7 million from the County Housing Authority who was in charge of maintaining the playground. the victim’s doctors believe that she could live for another 16 years.