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A jury has awarded $15 million to a female truck driver who suffered massive spinal injuries while delivering frozen food to a major retail store.The plaintiff, 41, slipped and fell on grease and ice as she delivered a load of food to the major retail store.Since the fall,the victim has undergone four surgeries and can no longer work as a truck driver.The jury found that the store had failed to use reasonable care to protect the plaintiff against danger on its property.The jury awarded the plaintiff $5.5 million in non economic losses; $4.5 million in economic losses; and $5 million for injuries.The plaintiff was a contract driver working for a trucking company and was injured as she delivered frozen dairy and deli goods from a distribution center to the major retail chain store.She claimed that the ramp to the store’s loading dock was covered with used cooking oil and other greases that she couldn’t see and she tried to report the fall to the store’s employee who met her at the receiving door, but he refused to take a report.As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of slip and fall and have completed the same with favorable results.

The retailer denied that the plaintiff fell at the store and also denied that a grease spill ever occurred.At trial, however, the plaintiff lawyers presented evidence that the city officials had investigated a complaint about grease coming out of a manhole cover south of the retail building in the store’s parking lot. City inspectors who went to the store found a blockage in the store’s grease interceptors.A man who identified himself as the store manager said the problem had been going on for a week. Four days after the victim’s fall,the city inspectors returned to the store and found that two companies were attempting to fix the problem with the grease interceptors.The company’s workers indicated the grease interceptors had been cleaned twice but they had called in another company several days later to try to remove and correct whatever was blocking the outlet from draining and flowing properly.
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A jury has awarded a $1.1 million verdict to a man who sued his landlord after falling down the stairs at his apartment.The victim and his family moved into the apartment after losing their home due to foreclosure. The plaintiff fell down the back stairs and subsequently developed symptoms consistent with lumbar strain and disk injury.

As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of slip and fall and have completed same with favorable results.The victim sued the property owner alleging that he failed to keep the stairs clear of slippery algae and did not install a handrail which is required by local code rules. The victim, who was employed as a houseman for a wealthy family, was unable to perform his job because of the pain and was forced to quit.

The plaintiff and the defendant who is a retired general contractor took the case to trial. After a 14-day trial the jury awarded the victim $1,070,801 for economic losses, including $850,000 for future lost earnings.If the defendant had only provided the minimum
protection of the building code required handrail which costs less than $100 and spent an hour of time fixing the stairway this lawsuit wouldn’t have been necessary and the plaintiff would still be working in the job he held for 10 years, the jury concluded. The plaintiff subsequently moved back to his native Mexico to save money, but hopes to return back to the U.S. to work here again and desires to find another house in the same school district. The plaintiff is married with four children.
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A major energy co. has been hit with a $7.8 million jury verdict in a County Court of Common Pleas civil case involving two subcontractors who were injured when a metal stairway collapsed.

One of the injured men, 58, and his wife, were awarded $5 million, according to a press release sent out by the plaintiffs’ attorneys today. The other man,51, and his wife, were awarded $2.8 million. Attorneys for the company could not immediately be reached for comment, and the company has the right to appeal.

The case stemmed from a 2007 accident at a company-owned building.Attorney representing the plaintiffs, said in an interview that the stairway was bolted to a wall with four bolts, and they did not hold when the two men stepped onto it.The plaintiff suffered a permanently frozen right shoulder that was not improved by rotators cuff surgery. The other plaintiff suffered a severely fractured left hip and leg.