Malpractice Results in Amputation.

The State Medical Review Panel found that an Orthopedic group failed to comply with the appropriate standards of care that led to a woman having her leg amputated and thereby cleared the way for the woman to go forward with her lawsuit.The patient went to an Orthopedic group three times over the course of 1 month with signs and symptoms of a vascular problem in her leg.She was not diagnosed with the vascular problem and was instead given two injections into her knee by the doctor at the office.

Just 2 weeks later the patient was admitted to the hospital for loss of blood flow to her right foot and a large acute blood clot in the artery that supplies the blood to the knee and thigh.Subsequently,her leg was amputated above the knee the following day.The patient contends that the Orthopedic group fell below the required standard of care by failing to test for the loss of blood flow in her foot after noting a lack of pulse,reddened foot and reports of unexplained pain.She was also not given a timely referral to a vascular surgeon or cardiologist.Or told to go to the ER if she experienced more pain. The plaintiff seeks damages for a lifetime of care.

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