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Our law firm has received numerous inquires from former patients of Dr.Nikita Levy; ranging in age from teenagers at the time of their examination to adulthood, who may have been possible victims of his illegal recording practices.Johns Hopkins has issued a few statements regarding their ex employee Dr. Nikita levy trying to explain why they didn’t inform his patients immediately regarding the reason for his dismissal.Hopkins officials learned from a colleague of Dr. Levy’s on February 4th of his alleged videotaping of his patients but they waited until after Dr. Levy’s death on February 18th to inform his patients of his egregious behavior.

Dr. Nikita Levy, after questioning from Hopkins security on February 5th admitted that he was filming his patients during their exams with a pen equipped with a camera worn around his neck. The doctor who had worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 20 years surrendered his recording devices to security and was barred from further contact with patients. He was encouraged to seek psychological services and escorted off the Hospital property. According to reports Hopkins then contacted the Baltimore city police on February 6 and turned over all Dr. Nikita Levy’s evidence to them on February 7th. Dr. Levy was officially terminated by the Hospital on February 8th.At that time it was suggested to Johns Hopkins Hospital not to disclose any information regarding Dr. Levy as this could potentially compromise an on going investigation. The hospital sent out a letter on February 11th to Dr. Levy’s patients to inform them he was no longer employed with them and to help them find another doctor on their staff for their medical needs.In the interim the police had issued search warrants and obtained additional evidence in the case.It was only after Dr. Nikita Levy ended his own life on February 18th that Hopkins could issue a public statement detailing his misdeeds.What is still unclear is what if anything was known by Hopkins and why they let it go on for so long. Many former patients reported that Dr. Nikita did not have a nurse in the room with him during exams which is a typical standard of practice by OB/GYNs.It is not known at this time whether or not Hopkins condoned this practice. What is clear though is that Dr. Levy had been recording his patients for quite some time which is evidenced by the “mountain” of material seized by police. Patients are entitled under the law to expect privacy from their doctors and Hospitals which was certainly not the case with Johns Hopkins and Dr. Nikita Levy.

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