Family awarded $2.2 million for playground accident

A City Council has agreed to pay $2.2 million to the family of a 14-year-old girl who was choked by playground equipment three years ago and suffered an irreversible brain injury and remains in a vegetative state. The victim was found unconscious hanging by the neck from a rope tied to a playground ride.

When a Police Department officer arrived, he concluded that the victim had no pulse and did not cut her down. He instructed first responders to not disturb her because it was a crime scene and he started to take pictures. It wasn’t until six to eight minutes later that it was discovered that victim was still alive and she was treated. Her parents argued that the lack of oxygen during that time increased the severity of her brain injury. The City Council decided to settle due to the cost and uncertainty of litigation but did not admit any wrongdoing. Most of the award will go to a special needs trust set up for the victim’s care, which is currently at a skilled nursing care facility.

The victim parents also received $7 million from the County Housing Authority who was in charge of maintaining the playground. the victim’s doctors believe that she could live for another 16 years.

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