Family Awarded Millions in Wrongful Death Claim.

The local Power Company is contemplating whether to appeal a $106 million wrongful death verdict awarded to the family of a woman who was unfortunately killed by a falling power line in her backyard.The victim was burned alive by the power lines for more than 20 minutes while her mother-in-law and two young daughters watched helplessly while waiting for utility crews to turn off the electricity.A juror said the jury deliberated less than two hours before arriving at the verdict and wanted to send a message to the power company that not applying safe practices is not acceptable.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of wrongful death and have completed same with favorable results.

The attorney for the family argued that the Power Company failed to properly train their workers for years before the victim’s death. Records showed that the victim’s husband called the power company numerous times and expressed his concern for his family’s well-being because the spliced power line in their backyard failed twice previously.The family stated that the power company didn’t properly train its employees to use a wire brush to clean the power lines before they were spliced as is standard procedure. By failing to do that, the wires were more likely to rust, which caused them to overheat and fail,ultimately landing on the victim.The victim was killed when she went outside her house to make a cellphone call to report that a tree was on fire and the line had again overheated and her house had lost power. The power line fell on her while she was on the phone while her daughters stood nearby. The victim’s mother-in-law was there also and tried to help, but was burned when she touched her daughter in law and was forced to watch her suffer for 20 minutes as the electrical current surged through her for the most gruesome pain and suffering possible.The victim was finally brought the the hospital and had several fingers severed from her left hand and her left arm had to be amputated as doctors fought to save her, but she unfortunately died three days later.The power company tried to claim that the victim put herself in harm’s way by standing under the power line while using her cell phone. The jury found that argument deeply offensive to the victim’s husband and family and spoke loudly by deciding on the substantial verdict.It is not yet known if the power company will appeal and a company spokesman said that the verdict was still being reviewed.This verdict was the largest personal injury award in the history of the county.If a member of your family has been a victim of wrongful death call me today at 800 320-0080 or visit one of my offices located in either Rockville or Baltimore.