Family Awarded $7.3 Million For Son’s Paralysis in Car Accident.

A federal jury awarded a family more than $7.3 million in a lawsuit against Toyota motor corporation. The family sued Toyota alleging that design flaws were responsible for their son’s paralysis from a vehicle rollover.The victim aged 16 was driving on the highway when his 1995 Toyota 4Runner sports utility vehicle flipped over several times. He subsequently sustained severe spinal injuries that left him paralyzed from his sternum to his legs according to the lawsuit.This was an un-provoked rollover on flat, dry pavement. As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of automobile accidents and and have completed same with favorable results.The jury deliberated and after three weeks of trial they returned their verdict and found the Toyota 4Runner was in defective condition and unreasonably dangerous to the plaintiff and that the defects and unreasonable danger was a proximate cause of the victim’s injuries. The jury determined a compensation amount of more than $12.2 million.But found contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff and reduced the total amount to $7.3 million.
The case centered on the Toyota’s propensity to overturn in certain situations because of its high center of gravity and the likelihood of the roof crushing down into the passenger compartment during an accident.The attorney for the plaintiffs, said Toyota’s testing of the 4Runner’s danger to drivers came only as a result of lawsuits and noted that when the company started more serious rollover tests in 1997, Toyota protected its test drivers with an additional roll bar.Toyota’s case centered around five points – that driver error caused the accident, the vehicle was well-designed and well-tested, that it was safe in its resistance to rollover, that it was safe in its regard to roof strength, and that Graves’ injuries occurred before the rollover deformed the roof.It was terrible thing, but the roof deformation has nothing to do with it Toyota’s attorney said,the roof was made of steel.Toyota also argued that lines in the road indicated one of the tires was under-inflated, which lead to the rollover.The jury agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered Toyota to pay for the teenager’s lifetime care.

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