Family of Man Killed by Drunk Driver in Car Accident Sues Bar Owner.

The family of a man killed by a driver subsequently convicted of vehicular homicide due to driving under the influence has sued the bar where the man was drinking before getting into his car.The lawsuit states that the bar failed to use reasonable care when it served a visibly drunk patron. Just 10 minutes after the man left the bar about 10 pm he drove onto a sidewalk and killed a 25 year old man walking there. The bar not only served him alcohol while at the bar, they also willingly gave him a to-go cup when he left, the victim’s family stated.They gave him more alcohol to take with him and just 10 minutes later the plaintiff’s husband was killed.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many car accident cases and have completed same with favorable results.
The victim was with a few friends on their way to a National Park when they stopped to eat. The group were walking to dinner along the quaint avenue when the drunk driver swerved his car up onto the sidewalk killing the young man.The lawsuit seeks damages that include wrongful death and burial costs as well as future economic loss.The suit also asks for compensation for the loss of companionship the deceased provided his wife and child which would have continued had his untimely death not occurred.The driver was convicted of vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. The defendant tried to argue at trial that the alcohol he had ingested did not impair his driving ability. But the driver’s blood-alcohol level registered 0.11 even 20 minutes after the crash which was markedly above the 0.08 level at which a person is considered legally drunk. The drunk driver also said that prior to getting to the bar he also took prescription painkillers,a sleeping pill and an antidepressant.The bar owner believes he is not responsible for the victim’s death. He claims surveillance camera footage showed the man wasn’t visibly drunk when he left the bar and believes the bartenders did no wrong at the saloon.He also contends the drink given to the man to go was intended for his wife and was supposed to be consumed at the bar. The drunk driver was sentenced to 26 years in prison.If you or a loved one has been in a car accident call me at 800 320-0080 or visit me at my offices in either Rockville or Baltimore today.