Hospital settles case from fall in operating room

A major Hospital settled a wrongful-death case with the family of a victim for $900,000. The case stemmed from the victim’s death seven days after suffering a massive head injury due to a fall in the operating room as she was being prepared for transfer to her hospital bed. The fall caused a fractured skull and severe internal bleeding. The victim fell and broke her hip at home and was rushed to the emergency room. There it was determined that she would need surgery.
The next day, surgery was performed to repair her left hip. However, following the surgery, while the victim was still under anesthesia and had a breathing tube in her mouth, she fell as medical personnel were preparing to transfer her to her bed. A nurse had removed the belt on the surgical table in preparation to move her but did not announce that to others in the room. The family stated that they sued because they wanted to raise awareness about patient safety and to lead to changes in operating room procedures.

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