Hotel Owner and Employees Sued by Parents of Fire Victim

The parents of two 18-year-old cousins are suing a hotel owner and employee for wrongful death after their daughters were killed in a fire. The suit alleges that a maintenance man, who worked and lived at the hotel even though his work visa was expired, left his room with incense burning for about 30 minutes. When he returned the room was on fire. The employee tried to extinguish the flames with a small fire extinguisher that didn’t work and then went to look for another extinguisher. By the time he returned the fire was too big to extinguish. The girls were trapped in their room and died in the fire.

The parents allege that the employee and motel management failed to properly respond to the fire, failed to maintain fire extinguishers at the motel, failed to notify authorities of the fire fast enough and failed to warn guests. The suit also is against other defendants, whose identities were unknown to the plaintiff, including the motel’s insurance company, any entity that did maintenance or repair work at the motel and the manufacturer and/or distributor of the fire extinguisher that failed to work.

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