Lawyers Investigate John Hopkins Dr. Nikita Levy

We and other lawyers are currently working with ex patients of Dr. Nikita Levy of Johns Hopkins Hospital amidst the allegations that he secretly filmed patients during their gynecological exams.New evidence uncovered by officials suggests Dr. Levy may have used a pen kept in his pocket installed with a tiny camera to record his patients while in the Hopkins exam room.As of this time it is not clear what he did with the recordings.If you or a loved one were a patient of Dr. Levy it is imperative to seek legal advice.

Dr. Nikita Levy had been a physician in good standing at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 20 years and was acknowledged to have thousands of patients at his OB/GYN practice. Dr.Levy took his own life this week at his Towson home as the allegations started to be released to the public.Many patients expressed shock that the mild mannered Nikita could be embroiled in such a scandal.Dr Levy worked for Hopkins since receiving his medical license in 1988 and he worked primarily at the East Baltimore Medical Center a community clinic run by Johns Hopkins Hospital and their holdings.Baltimore police are conducting this case as an open investigation while the Johns Hopkins board of trustees are funding their own separate investigation.Johns Hopkins Hospitals has need to be concerned since there have been many instances when the hospital has been held liable for the criminal or negligent actions of doctors on their staff. Dr. Levy was let go by Hopkins on February 8 but his patients were not told the reason why. This only came to light after the allegations about Dr. Nikita Levy went public a week later. It is not understood why Hopkins chose not to disclose the information regarding Dr. Levy’s illegal filming of his patients and this oversight has understandably disturbed Levy’s former patients.Hospitals have been responsible in the past for failing to protect patients privacy. Just recently a Connecticut Hospital was ordered to pay more than $50 million to victims of a doctor who used a made up study to take pornographic pictures of children.In that case the hospital failed to protect its patients from one of its doctors on staff.A former patient of Dr. Levy’s who was too embarrassed to give her name said when she called Hopkins to express concern she was told it was an on going investigation and was given no other information.John Hopkins issued a statement found here and called the situation intolerable and informed patients that they would be conducting their own independent investigation into the matter.Officials have begun the arduous task of combing through a tremendous amount of evidence to build a case against Dr. Levy. Victims are encouraged to contact lawyers or authorities as soon as possible.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of Dr. Nikita Levy contact me at 410 727-6116 or visit me at my offices conveniently located at the World Trade Center building in the inner harbor.