Baltimore Malpractice Lawyer:Hospital Sued Over Infected Needles.

A Medical Malpractice lawsuit was filed by a patient in district court naming the hospital and anesthesiologist on staff for infecting her with the Hepatitis-C virus while using a dirty needle on her during her hospital stay.The patient underwent medically necessary surgery and an operating room technician who was a well known intravenous drug user with Hepatitis-C, left a dirty needle filled with saline in place of the narcotic intended for her which he had inserted into his own vein.The lawsuit alleges the hospital failed to follow required internal polices and controlled substance laws requiring that potent drugs be either locked up or closely monitored.It also alleges the Hospital was well aware of the technicians previous drug use and should never have employed him in that capacity.The plaintiff’s husband stated we have filed this suit because due to her previous illness my wife is unable to undergo medical treatment for her now chronic Hepatitis- C and has already developed severe liver damage. A class action suit against the hospital has also subsequently been filed and at least 17 other patients have been tested and it was found that they have the same genetic strand of Hepatitis-C as the operating room technician. The technician was found guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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