Lawsuits have been filed against Johns Hopkins Hospital and Dr. Nikita Levy

The first lawsuits have been filed against Johns Hopkins Hospital and Dr. Nikita Levy arising out of the alleged negligence and invasion of privacy of Dr. Levy’s patients. The lawsuits seek millions of dollars in compensation for damages. The investigations are currently ongoing and it my be weeks or months before the final official investigation into what happened can be determined. It is alleged that Dr. Levy may have used video or photographic devices to secretly record his patients during exams. My office has been contacted by many individuals who were patients of Dr. Levy who have expressed emotional trauma as a result of Dr. Levy’s actions and we are actively investigating these cases. The patients have expressed betrayal, shock and dismay at the conduct of Dr. Levy and the lack of supervision by Johns Hopkins Hospital and its staff and officers. It has been reported that there maybe hundreds if not thousands of patients of Dr. Levy who may have been subjected to his secret recordings and may be entitled to recovery.

Officials and Johns Hopkins have been reluctant to share any information regarding their investigation which was made public after Dr.Levy’s death on Monday. There are many unanswered questions which investigation will reveal in the near future. Police and officials are examining the computers, hard drives and servers belonging to Dr. Levy to determine what happened to the images and whether they were downloaded to the internet. We are pursuing avenues to determine the investigations are done promptly and diligently to determine that the facts of the cases are carefully considered. Eventually the lawsuits filed on behalf of the victims for invasion of privacy and negligence will shed light into the conduct of Dr. Nikita Levy’s practices and operation.It is our goal to immediately obtain answers to the lingering question of whether our client’s images have been redistributed, disseminated or shared with others in violation of our client’s rights and what has been done with such images and where the investigations are leading up to. Our main concern is that this investigation may drag on for weeks if not months which may increase the anxiety by which our client’s are currently suffering by adding to the feelings of frustration and betrayal caused by Dr. Nikita Levy’s actions and Johns Hopkins Hospital’s inaction.

If you or a person you may know was a patient of Dr. Levy please call my office at (410) 727-6116 or visit my office at the Baltimore Inner Harbor for a consultation and to join the lawsuits being filed on behalf of the patients aggrieved by Dr. Nikita Levy’s conduct.