Life Insurance Lawyer Blog: Death Benefit Claims

Trying to find out if a deceased person had a life insurance policy can be extremely difficult at the time of a loved one’s death. Emotions will be running high among family members and close friends and taking care of business can be the last thing on your mind. But it is an important time to find policies that can pay for many immediate costs of death and a experienced lawyer can be a godsend during this difficult time. Remember that many life insurance policies can take weeks and maybe even months before they are approved for payment especially without the help of a qualified attorney.There are final expense policies that focus on immediate needs that include transportation of the body, funeral costs and even everyday bills. Those policies can be paid in as little as 72 hours.The documents you will need to claim benefits from a deceased relative and to give to your attorney are as follows:
1.Personal documents 2.Banking or credit card statements 3. Income tax returns
A further examination of your and your relatives home is imperative to locate relevant paperwork that can help your attorney facilitate death benefit money for you.Examine where the person has stored important documents in the home. There could be file boxes in closets or the attic. Check with a family member or close friends who can provide clues. Important documents are also kept with attorneys, banks, financial advisers or business associates.Have your lawyer contact prior attorneys, accountants, financial advisers or business associates who may have done business with the person in the past. It is impossible these people have information or can link you to someone who knows about life insurance policies taken out.Locate the person’s auto or home insurance agents and give this to your attorney.They may have provided a life insurance policy as well.Have your lawyer contact the deceased’s employer or past employer to see if the person may benefit from a group life insurance policy.Get in touch with the Medical Information Bureau for lost life insurance. The person may be listed in a database that insurance companies use for information on people. Those companies can be contacted to see if any life insurance policies are in full force. It costs about $8 for record searches,your attorney can facilitate this for you. Find more than one life insurance policy by reading the application for another policy. The applications may list other life insurance policies the person owned.Check the mail and give all relevant letters to your lawyer.The person will continue to receive information on the life insurance policies for premium or dividend notices. Companies may still send out regular status reports on insurance policies for a year or more.Find out if there had been any interest income or expenses paid on life insurance policies by examining the deceased’s income tax returns.There is a lot of work and preparation to be done and the insurance companies often drag the procedure out so as to not pay you quickly;this is the reason an experienced attorney is necessary to claim your loved one’s death benefits.

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