Man Wins $1.1 Million Against Landlord in Slip and Fall Case.

A jury has awarded a $1.1 million verdict to a man who sued his landlord after falling down the stairs at his apartment.The victim and his family moved into the apartment after losing their home due to foreclosure. The plaintiff fell down the back stairs and subsequently developed symptoms consistent with lumbar strain and disk injury.

As an experienced trial attorney I have reviewed many cases of slip and fall and have completed same with favorable results.The victim sued the property owner alleging that he failed to keep the stairs clear of slippery algae and did not install a handrail which is required by local code rules. The victim, who was employed as a houseman for a wealthy family, was unable to perform his job because of the pain and was forced to quit.

The plaintiff and the defendant who is a retired general contractor took the case to trial. After a 14-day trial the jury awarded the victim $1,070,801 for economic losses, including $850,000 for future lost earnings.If the defendant had only provided the minimum
protection of the building code required handrail which costs less than $100 and spent an hour of time fixing the stairway this lawsuit wouldn’t have been necessary and the plaintiff would still be working in the job he held for 10 years, the jury concluded. The plaintiff subsequently moved back to his native Mexico to save money, but hopes to return back to the U.S. to work here again and desires to find another house in the same school district. The plaintiff is married with four children.

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