Man Wins $2 Million in Colonoscopy Malpractice Case.

The Plaintiff, a 62-year-old man who had to have more than two feet of his colon removed due to perforations in his colon he acquired during a routine colonoscopy; received a $2 million verdict against two doctors who treated him. As an experienced Maryland trial lawyer I have reviewed many cases of Baltimore medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results..The jury deliberated for over two days before finding that the doctor who performed the colonoscopy on the plaintiff, was 60 percent negligent for his perforated colon and resulting surgeries. They also found the second doctor 40 percent negligent for further perforating the plaintiff’s colon during follow-up procedures to fix subsequent complications due to the initial tear.

The pretrial memorandum filed stated that the the doctor dramatically overinflated the plaintiff’s colon during the initial colonoscopy. When the plaintiff complained to the doctor of severe pain the following day,the doctor directed him to go to the emergency room where a CT scan was performed and showed no free air, which meant there was no perforation.The hospital appropriately treated the plaintiff with antibiotics for an obstruction and monitored him. But a CT scan performed a few days later showed a perforation and the plaintiff required emergency surgery.The doctor that performed the initial colonoscopy argued that a possible perforation was a known complication of the procedure and noted in the informed consent the patient signed.

The attorney argued that the plaintiff’s colon was overinflated to a level beyond the standard of care and the jury agreed.The jurors ruled the doctor overinflated the colon and was beyond what people thought was reasonable.The plaintiff’s problems persisted even after the emergency surgery which brought other doctors into the mix and ultimately into the case.

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