Rockville Lawyer Blog: Medical Malpractice Birth Injury

A local jury awarded a family 4.2 million dollars in a medical malpractice suit against two doctors at a renowned hospital for failing to properly diagnose their child shortly after birth. According to the allegations the doctors neglected properly perform the necessary tests to diagnose the newly born infant with enterovirus causing her to suffer from lifelong disabilities.

Shortly after the infant was born large bruises began to appear and her skin turned yellow. Her liver showed signs of scarring and a blood clot formed in her brain. Her parents were advised to make funeral arrangements. The doctors ignored the symptoms that pointed to enterovirus, which is normally a mild virus that can become deadly in infants. The doctors failed to take blood and liver tests that would have identified the virus. Although the infant survived, the blood clot left her with a learning disability, she has severe vision problems and permanent cirrhosis of the liver.The jury awarded the parents damages for the malpractice and a substantial sum for lifetime care of the disabled child.

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