Mother Files Lawsuit For Son Killed By Police.

The mother of a teen who was shot and killed by police on the train early alleged in a lawsuit that her son was wounded multiple times at close range even though he posed no threat and carried no weapon.The lawsuit contended that the victim 19, was on a train at the local train station when uniformed officers boarded the train, pinned his arms behind his back and handcuffed him. The suit, filed by his mother against the city and Police Department, alleged that the officers then shot her son with utter indifference and conscious disregard.

Police said the victim began to fight with the two officers and pointed a gun at them, prompting them to shoot.Police spokesman claim a gun was recovered at the scene.
A spokeswoman with the Law Department declined comment .The victim’s attorney has a list of witnesses that claim the victim wasn’t pointing or brandishing a gun. One witness stated the victim had his back to the police and police had one handcuff or both handcuffs on him.The plaintiff is filing a wrongful death claim against the city and the police department.She hopes this will deter the police from using deadly force against other victims in the future.She asks “Why couldn’t the police have used a taser gun? My son didn’t have to die.”

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