Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit in Wrongful Death Accident.

The estate of a former prison inmate has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the sheriff and other employees at the jail alleging medical negligence.The plaintiff died of heart failure after he was found unconscious in his cell just two days after his incarceration at the facility.The suit claims that the jail staff failed to properly examine the victim and consistently ignored his complaints and refused to make his medication available to him.The lawsuit seeks $4 million in compensatory damages and $450,000 in punitive damages.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of wrongful death and have completed same with favorable results.

The complaint details this account of the events leading up to the victim’s death:Before he was jailed, the victim who was a diabetic with chronic pancreatitis and chronic congestive heart failure, was hospitalized for 1 week.When he was released from the hospital his condition had improved somewhat and he was directed to take medications for his congestive heart failure. He was arrested a few days after his discharge from the hospital from an outstanding warrant and was taken to jail.He was convicted the following day of driving on a suspended license and failure to appear. He was then sentenced to 2 weeks in jail on the misdemeanor charges.The jail physician received the files regarding the plaintiff’s recent hospitalization for congestive heart failure and pancreatitis as well as his extensive history of diabetes. The hospital’s instructions and prescriptions were also in the plaintiff’s records, but the jail doctor failed to order the plaintiff’s medication for his congestive heart failure. Jail records show that the victim never received any of his medication at all.The staff failed to house the plaintiff on the jail’s medical floor even though they were well aware of his hospitalization and his poor health. After being in jail a few days the deputy saw the victim in medical distress. He was pale and nauseous and complaining of chest pains and the victim begged the deputy to call the doctor but no medical person came to assess the prisoner.The sergeant instructed the victim to lie down and drink plenty of water. According to the lawsuit this is the wrong advice to give a person with the victim’s medical condition and would exacerbate his condition resulting in a potentially life threatening situation.The complaint also states that, despite the victim’s known diabetes,the jail staff did not check his blood sugar at all.That same afternoon the deputy was alerted that a prisoner was having a seizure and the deputy found the plaintiff lying on the floor. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff’s death was avoidable and that the jail’s actions, caused his demise.The lawsuit is one of many that have been filed alleging poor medical treatment or deplorable conditions at chronically overcrowded jails.If your loved one has been the victim of a wrongful death please call me at 800 320-0080 or visit me in either of my offices located in Baltimore or Rockville.