National Retailer settles for $7 million in door injury

A national retail store settled a lawsuit for $7 million for an injury resulting from a faulty automatic door. A senior citizen, was walking into the retail store in Illinois when the automatic door malfunctioned knocking her to the floor. When she fell, she hit her head and then was struck again by the door as it continued opening and closing. The victim argued that the retailer had failed to inspect and maintain the doors and didn’t follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. They also argued that the door did not have any way to turn off the system’s fail-safe system and wasn’t designed to make and noise or alert employees that it was malfunctioning.

Due to the accident, the victim received brain injuries that resulted in cognitive defects and deficits. She was required to move into a nursing home due to her injuries. Prior to the accident, the victim had been caring for her 59-year-old daughter, who has special needs. Since the accident, she was unable to continue caring for her daughter.

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