Paralyzed Man Wins Negligence Award

A paralyzed man won $19.2 million in a negligence claim against a local Medical Center. The patient was admitted to the hospital after complaining of severe back pain. The hospital did not conduct an MRI or CAT scan until two weeks after he was admitted. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with a spinal abscess, an infection on his spinal cord, that quickly led to permanent paralysis. This injury could have been easily avoided had the hospital taken the proper diagnostic test to determine the cause of the injury. This Hospital’s failure to take the necessary actions led to this Patient’s paralysis.

The suit claimed that there was not a particular physician or specialist that was directing his care contrary to the established hospital standards. After the diagnosis, a neurosurgeon tried to reverse some of the damage but it was too late. The patient has been paralyzed from the chest down and has been living in a nursing facility for five years because he was unable to get around independently in his own home. This patient requires life time care and monitoring which led to a successful verdict.

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