Psychiatric Hospital Sued for the Deaths of 2 Children

A Hospital is being sued by the parents of two children who were killed by their aunt. The suit claims that the psychiatric facility provided inadequate care to psychiatric patient who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, prescribed psychotropic drugs and released after 6 days. The plaintiffs claim that they were never told that patient might pose a risk to herself or others and never informed any officials or the people who come into contact with the patient.

In December 2008, unbeknownst to the parents of the two minor children the psychiatric paptient arrived at the home of the children around 8pm to pick up the two children, a 5 year-old and a 4-year-old, to spend the night at her home. They state that she was behaving normally when she arrived and took the children, however, earlier in the evening a State Police Trooper had almost detained her for a psychiatric evaluation when they found her acting erratically on the median strip of a highway, punching a motorist who had stopped to help her. The psychiatric patient told the tropper that she was having a debate between “good and evil.” She calmed down and was released. After she picked up the children, she crossed the median of a highway, stopped her car going in the wrong direction, undressed herself and the two children, ran into traffic and was hit by a car which killed all three.

Psychiatric patient cases causing injuries require an indepth analysis and investigation of facts surrounding an injury and that condition must have been known to the person having the duty to inform others and as the result of such failure to warn the patient caused injury to others. Thes are extremely fact sensitive cases and appropriate fact witnesses and experts muust be employed to prosecute such cases.

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