Plaintiff Receives $1.9 Million in Hit and Run Accident.

The plaintiff says the jury award of $1.9 million was unfortunately bittersweet because he’s unable to do what he loved best, working as a Mason cop. After five hours of deliberations the jury found that the defendant was negligent and responsible for the injuries that causes the victim severe pain while he walks and he sometimes must rely on a cane for stability.The plaintiff was directing traffic after Mass at a Church on when the defendant sped out of the parking lot and struck him with her car. She then fled the scene.

The defendant’s Baltimore accident attorney, claimed the plaintiff was not hit by a car but instead had backed into his client’s car and only suffered minor contusions. The plaintiff’s Rockville injury attorney reminded the jury about a statement the defendant had written five days after the accident which she wrote that she hit him with her car and he flew up in the air and was knocked to the pavement.He also reminded the jury that several doctors testified about the victim’s injuries and the fact he will never be able to be a law enforcement officer and is only physically capable to work in one percent of available job categories in this economy.The plaintiff said the money will allow he and his wife to stop worrying about bills, but his life will never be the same. He said he doesn’t drive through the town anymore and doesn’t watch television police shows and all he does is go to rehab and counseling because the mental side is very difficult for him.
It was bittersweet, he said of the verdict. Financially we’re going to be taken care of, it was much more than I thought we would get. But for me it doesn’t change my life, I can’t do 95 percent of what I used to do, that includes working as a police officer. No amount of money is going to give me back that part, which was the most important part of my life.

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