Student Expelled Due to Facebook Posting Files Lawsuit.

A college student alleges in a civil complaint filed that her effort to complete a degree in radiology was cut short when a college official disciplined her for a conversation that led to another person’s Facebook posting.The student had been assigned to shadow a radiologist at a local hospital and quickly became concerned with the technician’s performance when she saw him sleeping even though the waiting room was filled with patients and mindlessly picking up a computer mouse and mistaking it for a telephone and even asking her, out of the blue, if she got the pizza the complaint said.

As an experienced trial attorney i have reviewed many cases of breach of contract and have completed same with favorable results.She asked her older sister for advice and she recommended that she talk with the technician’s supervisor –which she did, according to the complaint, with no negative consequences.But the sister then told her co-worker about the call and then that co-worker told someone else who then mentioned the incident to others and then one of the recipients of the information took it upon themselves to post it on Facebook the complaint said.

The Facebook posting came to the attention of the director of the radiology program. He reprimanded the student and told her that she had violated school policy and should withdraw from the radiological clinical course or receive an F grade.The student then talked with the college president who advised her not to appeal the decision.She then had no choice but to withdraw from the radiology program, which the lawsuit charges as a violation of due process and breach of contract.

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