Suit Against Swim Club for Brain Damage

The parents of minor filed a $40 million lawsuits against a Swim Club and the company that runs and manages the swim club, accusing them of failing to both “timely recognize and respond” to the struggling boy and to properly perform resuscitation efforts. In July 2006, a15-year-old male was swimming at the club where he almost drowned and was without adequate oxygen for almost 10 minutes. Paramedics were able to get a pulse back but the boy suffered severe brain damage and is now severely disabled, confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak.

The amount of the claim is said to be the best estimate of what it will cost to care for him for the rest of his life. The attorney for the swim club and management company says that minor child’s brain injury was not caused by the near-drowning but instead by a heart attack that he suffered in the pool. The attorney states that he was pulled out of the pool less than a minute after he showed signs of struggling and never went to the bottom. He was given CPR immediately by a Maryland Shock Trauma nurse who happened to be at the pool at the time.

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