Woman Files Personal Injury Claim After Falling From Dorm Balcony.

The fateful day was more than 5 years ago when a college student simply leaned against a railing on her college dorm balcony. The railing subsequently broke and the victim fell 6 stories to the ground.” Last thing I remember I went outside to take a break and I leaned on the balcony and I woke up in the hospital two weeks later.”she said.Over four years and 23 surgeries later, the Rockville resident spoke out about her accident and despite her injuries, which cause her daily pain she attempts to keep a positive attitude.As an experienced Baltimore attorney I have reviewed many cases of personal injury and have completed same with favorable results.

Five years ago when the victim was a freshman at college she developed a sinus infection and decided to go home for the summer and return to school in the fall.While she was moving out she leaned against a railing, which then collapsed and forever changed her life.She suffered severe injuries all over her body including her face,chest and legs, and has had over 20 surgeries since the terrible accident. The worst injuries were to her legs, and she is still to this day unable to run or jump.The victim who is a graduate of a High School in Prince George’s county said she remains in constant pain. Her doctors still treat her for her extensive injuries and said she will have to have additional surgeries.Every time I need to have surgery it’s hard,”the victim said. ” My doctors told me most likely I will need surgeries constantly for the rest of my life. I will never be done. I will always need to have something replaced.The victim had dreams of working in an artistic field such as photography or possibly set design but it is unlikely that she can make that work because of the extreme physical demands of those professions. The lawsuit was filed naming the college, and several companies who oversaw the construction at the dormitory where she lived. Two million dollars in medical costs is also requested for the victims extensive injuries and both sides are working toward a settlement to resolve the matter.The college released a statement wishing the victim well but refused to comment on the litigation and claim they remain committed to the well-being of their students and the safety of the university facilities.The victim just wants to know why this happened to her and wants to prevent it from happening to anyone else.She has no hard feelings and would even like to return to the school to finish her education.If you or a loved one has been a victim of a personal injury please call me at 800320-0080 or visit one of my conveniently located offices in Rockville or Baltimore today.