Woman Sues Dentist After Tool Dropped Down Her Throat.

A woman is suing her dentist due to the fact that he allegedly dropped a dental tool which was a small screwdriver down her throat during a routine dental treatment.The screwdriver ended up in the plaintiff’s digestive tract and needed to be surgically removed. The plaintiff,71 is seeking an undisclosed amount of compensatory damages from the dentist.Included in the lawsuit file is an X-ray of the patient’s showing the outline of the screwdriver in her pelvic region.As an experienced attorney I have reviewed many cases of medical malpractice and have completed same with favorable results.

The plaintiff was rushed to the hospital after she had begun experiencing pain in her right lower quadrant and emergency surgery was performed on the same day.She spent over a week in the hospital recovering from her surgery and since then has experienced a long and difficult recovery.According to the lawsuit,the dentist was cleaning the plaintiff’s dental implants which hold her dentures in place, when he lost control of the dental instrument described as an implant screwdriver.He dropped the screwdriver in the plaintiff’s mouth, and she reflexively swallowed it.The dentist did not follow proper dental procedures and secure the screwdriver with dental floss during his treatment of the plaintiff the lawsuit states.The doctor then told the plaintiff to try to make herself throw up the screwdriver which was lodged in her throat but she could not make herself vomit.The lawsuit said the dentist then instructed the woman to have X-rays taken at a local chiropractor’s office rather than going to the emergency room. The plaintiff had the X-rays taken at a nearby chiropractic center and brought them back for the dentist to read. The dentist saw the screwdriver in her stomach and instructed the plaintiff to eat a diet high in fiber and to look for the screwdriver in her bowel movements.She was unable to pass the screwdriver through her body naturally. The plaintiff was rushed to the hospital over a month after the dentist’s visit in extreme pain and an emergency surgery was performed on the elderly patient.Surgeons were able to manipulate the screwdriver into the patient’s appendix and had to perform an appendectomy to remove it.The malpractice caused the plaintiff pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of wages and her future ability to earn money.
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