Baltimore Truck Crash Blog:Case won After Truck Accident.

The local state troopers found the victim comatose and face down in the street after a horrific multi- car crash on the Interstate that they believed was her fault. But at last her vindication is complete.She finally has settled the last of her claims, which total over $10 million.The victim a 47 year old woman cannot walk and can barely speak since the accident. She can only communicate with a pencil and paper and said she needs to use the money she was awarded to pay for her long term medical needs and to build a handicap-accessible house she shares with her two teenaged children.This is a stellar example of how our legal system can work (with the help of an experienced attorney) to help victims receive justice and help those in need.

On a sunny day in May the plaintiff left work at a Medical Center to attend her children’s preschool graduation.They were just little children then,and neither of them can remember me walking or talking, the victim said. She was driving a loaner car because her car was in the shop for service.According to the Highway Patrol report,the victim crashed into a semi-trailer truck after she improperly changed lanes shortly after pulling onto the interstate. Her car then crashed into another truck then back into the first one. She was ejected through the rear side window after the driver’s seat collapsed and her safety belt failed.She still had glass stuck in her hair when the police officers found her. The crash closed I-95’s northbound lanes for 3 hours during the afternoon rush hour. She was unable to dispute the police accident report because she was comatose and has subsequently never regained any memory of the crash.Her attorney’s experience told him the accident didn’t happen the way the police report said it did.Initially he went after the 2 trucking companies, which quickly settled even though they believed the plaintiff was was at fault.But while working those cases there was a breakthrough when they found a one-paragraph statement in investigators’ field notes from an armored-car driver which was never cited in the police report. His statement indicated he cut off the victim causing her car to swerve and crash into the trucks.He deserves credit for coming back to the scene and giving a truthful statement. The armored car company was the last party to settle after a jury found it acted in bad faith by not paying the victim’s claim.The victim also settled with the makers of the car because of design flaws that contributed to the accident and her injuries.The victim and her family will use the settlement for her lifetime care.

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